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Evolution of the sales margin

Benchmark the attractiveness of your products for pharmacies

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Modul name

Sell-out Margin Evolution

Trigram : SOME


Value proposition

Benchmark the attractiveness of your products for pharmacies:

Understand pharmacy substitutions and the pharmacist's incentive to substitute.

  • Visualize the unit sell-out margin rate by product. Compare these margin rates product by product

  • Calculate the pharmacist's weighted margin rate on a brand or product line, i.e. the margin rate taking into account the average volumes observed in pharmacies

  • Visualize the evolution of commercial conditions in pharmacies, for you and your competitors

  • Visualize the pharmacist's margin rates by type of pharmacy: small, medium and large

  • This module is for you if :

  • You want to control the effective discounts granted by your sales teams to pharmacists

  • You want to have more information to price your products

Data sources

  • Pharmacy data (not extrapolated)

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data (excluding Corsica)


  • No limitation on market size

  • Applicable to veterinary drugs and non-drugs



Sales & Marketing Advanced


  • Marge de rachat (pondérée)

  • Marge de rachat (Marge%)

  • Marge Evol

  • Évolution de la marge Abs

  • Tendance de la marge

  • Margin Trend Abs

  • Marge % Delta

  • Marge %Trend


  • Stack-bar-histogram "Margin Evolution

  • Margin Evolution by Segment" multi-curve of points

  • "Measure selection list of pivot table indicators

  • Periodic pivot table


  • Pharma only


Current version

Sell-Out Margin Evolution v2104011053

  • Removal of ODT (Internal Technical Improvement) filters

When switching from the On Demand Table module to another module, it is no longer necessary to clean up the selection to ensure that the open module is displayed after On Demand Table.

Previous versions

Sell-Out Margin Evolution v2102231422

  • Variability of the Company filter wording according to the Market Definition wording

Sell-Out Margin Evolution v2012081213

  • Definition of the Company filter as a Master Dimension for correction on the Company header when exporting the selection to Excel (Internal Technical Notice: based on Market_Defined_Company)

Sell-Out Margin Evolution v2009141656

  • Add Warning of the "Data Input

Sell-Out Margin Evolution v2004271727

  • Module received on the version v2004271727 of the standard, no evolution compared to the version v2004081009 of this module.

Sell-out Margin Evolution v2004081009

  • Addition of the labels of values on the graph in curve of points "Margin Evolution by Segment".

  • Variabilization of the subscription within the cartridge.

Sell-out Margin Evolution v2003201430

  • Integration of the sheet to the standard

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