Monitor pharmacy activity daily / in real time and during events (example: health crises / peaks of pathologies) to adjust your actions.

Better understand the impact of traffic on the Markets you follow and your products.

Visualize the growth factors exogenous to your sales performance over a budget year:

  • Number of working days

  • Number of pharmacy tickets, all products combined

  • Number of items (volume) per ticket

This module is for you if:

  • You want to better understand the exogenous factors in pharmacies

  • Create pro forma analyzes of your performance, excluding traffic trends and number of working days

Data sources

  • Data from pharmacies. Possibility of filtering data with or without prescription

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data excluding Corsica & DROM-COM


  • Market definition 'all products' exclusively

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products


Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Month selector

  • objects 'Analysis of traffic, days by days, weeks by weeks, years by years'

  • HeatMap 'Global View versus Last Year'


  • Number of dispensations (traffic)

  • Gain of dispensations


Current version:

2Pharmacy17" 27 Monitoring17

  • Module accepted on version v2004271727 of the standard; no change compared to version v2004070930 of this module

Old versions

Monitoring Pharmacy 2" target v2004070930

  • Variability of the subscription within the cartridge. (New variable)

Pharmacy Monitoring (2/2) v2003242205

  • View on the selected month

  • Adding the date in the tooltip

  • Added dispensation evolution

Pharmacy Monitoring (2/2) v2003231311

  • Added Heatmap 'Global View versus Last Year'

  • PHARMA calculation change last data available

Pharmacy Monitoring (2/2) v2003191154

  • Creation of the sheet



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