Pharmacy Monitoring (2/2)

Follow the evolution of pharmacy traffic

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Monitor pharmacy activity on a daily basis / in real time and during events (e.g. health crises / pathology peaks) to adjust your actions.

Get a better understanding of the impacts of traffic on the Markets you follow and your products.

Visualise the growth factors exogenous to your commercial performance over a budget year:

  • Number of working days

  • Number of pharmacy tickets across all products

  • Number of items (volume) per ticket

This module is for you if:

  • You want to better understand exogenous factors in pharmacy

  • Create pro forma analyses of your performance, excluding traffic trends and number of working days

Sources of data

  • Pharmacy data. Possibility to filter data with or without prescription

Geographic territories

  • Data for Metropolitan France excluding Corsica & DROM-COM


  • Market definition 'all products' exclusively

  • Applicable on human drug, veterinary drug and non-drug



  • Functional cartridge

  • Month selector

  • Table objects 'Analysis of traffic , days by days, weeks by weeks, years by years'

  • HeatMap 'Global View versus Last Year'


  • Number of dispensations (traffic)

  • Gain of dispensations


Current version:

  • Module received on the v2004271727 version of the standard; no change from the v2004070930 version of this module

Old versions

  • Variability of subscription within cartridge (New variable)

  • Month in review selected

  • Adding the date to the tooltip

  • Adding the evolution of dispensations

  • Addition Heatmap 'Global View versus Last Year'

  • Change calculation PHARMA last data available

  • Creating the sheet



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