OpenHealth tracks the sales of batches of products as separate consumer units, making it possible to differentiate them from the unit products constituting the batches.
Is considered as a batch, a product made up of several units of the same single unit product
This offers many possibilities for analysis, such as cannibalization studies by analyzing the weight of the batches in comparison with the corresponding units and the overall impact on sales.
As for the other products, the prices of the lots are applied to each transaction (= price actually displayed on the receipt), to reflect the market prices at the ready euro, and not from the price of reference. This makes it possible to follow the batches on the real price applied in pharmacies.


For lots, it is possible to track sales volumes no longer in consumer units (number of lots sold), but in converted units (number of units of the lot sold) . The batch conversion process is summarized below.

Input data, for converted units to be provided by customer:

  • List of GTINs with their equivalence in base units

Output data, provided by OpenHealth:

  • Sales Volume in converted units

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