Therapeutic adherence

Therapeutic adherence

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The therapeutic adherence of a social insured to a treatment expresses both the quality of treatment taken, expressed by compliance, and the quantity of treatment taken expressed by persistence.


The calculation is identical to that of compliance, but for persistent social insureds only.
For a given product over a year, for 1,000 persistent social insured, we have the distribution of social insured by 10% of MPR as below:

In our example, 46.2% of the insured have a "good" therapeutic adherence (they are persistent and observant: MPR of at least 80%):
8.6 % + 9.5% + 28.0%.
By deduction, we have 53.8% of non-observant persistent social policyholders.


Therapeutic adherence can be translated into English by Adherence.




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