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What is an atypical sale?
What is an atypical sale?

Atypical sales and the ATYPICAL FILTERING process.

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An atypical sale reflects a factual observation. This case may reflect the reality of certain practices such as :

  • The informal grouping of pharmacies

A pharmacy buys, for an unspecified group of pharmacies, a set of products and resells them to other pharmacies.

  • Parallel export

A pharmacy resells products for sale abroad.

  • Atypical sales

A pharmacy may sell atypical quantities to customers who are not private individuals, but companies.

This is the case, for example, of the pharmacy in Dunkirk, which supplies pharmacy kits to fleets of boats or Hospices.

  • Internet sales

Sales made via the website of a pharmacy, which we cannot distinguish to date from other sales. Indeed, a pharmacist may have a website that independently manages B2C invoicing and payment. The pharmacist draws from the pharmacy's stock, makes his parcels and sends the order.

Once in a while, he readjusts his stocks and makes a sale from the pharmacy to his website. This generates a ticket in the LGO which may seem atypical.


For all of these cases, we are able to apply an atypical filter, which will mask those sales that do not reflect your vision of the market.

This filter can be applied to a set of tickets, products, pharmacies, and the history that suits you.

The application of an atypical filter is a customised option, it is not a correction, this process amounts to masking sales that are returned to you to match your market vision.

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