SMKT Calendar

The SMKT calendar is also called the GSA Parapharmacy Calendar.

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Description of the SMKT calendar

SMKT calendar types

There are two types of SMKT calendars:

  • 444 SMKT

  • 445 SMKT

Description of SMKT calendars

The 444 calendar is defined as 13 periods of 4 weeks each.

The 445 is defined as consisting of 12 periods of 4 weeks each except for the last of the periods which is extended to 5 weeks.


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We draw your attention to the fact that the definition of the IRI calendar periods will change from 10 July 2020.

This change of calendar is decided by our data provider SMKT: IRI, and is done every 6 years in order to align its calendar as close as possible to the civil calendar.

This implies a shift in the definition of the IRI periods, and this over the whole history, for example let's take P1 2020:

In the previous IRI calendar, P1 2020 started on Dec. 30, 2019 (week 2105) and ended on Jan. 26, 2020 (week 2108) :

In the new IRI calendar P1 2020 starts on Jan. 06,2020 (week 2106) and ends on

Feb. 02, 2020 (week 2109) :

You will find below the calendar of type 445 applicable from 10th July, 2020 :

You will find below the calendar type 445 applicable before 10th July, 2020 :

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