The Launch tracking module allows you to select products by launch date.

Example 1: visualize the sales of products launched over the last 12 months

Click on the 'MAT' button, and select the month in question.

In the example above, only the novelties of February 2019 have been selected

Example 2: view the sales of products launched over a period prior to the last 12 months, such as for example the year 2017

In the 'Launch Tracking' module, click on 'MAT' and use the time selector to go back to December 2017:

In the object 'When were these new products launched?', use the magnifying glass of the column 'Month of first sale'.

Enter '2017' and press directly on the 'ENTER' key. The HUB will then select all the new products launched in 2017. You can then view this selection in the 'Market Analysis' sheet, for example to visualize the evolution of sales of new products for 2017 over the following years

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