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Global overview of products through THESORIMED fields

  • View and / or filter on the main characteristic fields of a product
  • View and / or filter on the substance (s) making up a drug, its packaging, its route of administration

This sheet is for you if:

  • You want to know the reimbursement rate of a product
  • You wish to investigate the placing on the market of a product by its marketing authorization date, its distribution date and its marketing status
  • You want to know the list of a product having an active substance in common
  • You want to know the different existing forms of a product
  • You want to know the dosage of an active substance for a product
  • You want to know the number of containers per packaging
  • You would like to know which products are subject to enhanced surveillance

Data sources


Geographical territories



  • No limitation on the size of the markets
  • Applicable to human medicinal products only.



  • Sales & Marketing Essential subscription

Objects found in the sheet

  • Table of product shapes
  • Table of active substances with dosages
  • Table of excipients with dosages
  • Product details table
  • Filters on the different qualifying elements of a product.


  • Release / release dates
  • Market status
  • Date of approval for placing on the market
  • Listed drugs (List I / II / Off list /…)
  • Virtual drug name
  • Reimbursement rate
  • GSP code
  • CIS code
  • Common Dispensing Unit Code (UCD)
  • Operator
  • Price
  • VAT
  • Reinforced surveillance
  • Risk management plan (RMP)
  • Hospital reserve
  • Retrocession
  • Temporary authorization for use (ATU)
  • Activity-based pricing (T2A)
  • Type of generic
  • Substance (Label, strength and unit)
  • Excipient (Label, strength and unit)
  • Packaging (Type and number)
  • UCD (Nature and number)
  • Dosing unit (Type and number)
  • Way
  • Form and form complement
  • Doping product




Current version:

Human Medicine Details v2009151724

  • Added "Data Input" Warning

Old versions:

Human_blank_blank Details v2007081751

  • Changed the size of the grid to the finest.
  • Modification of the location of objects according to the new grid
  • Addition of the technical traceability cartridge of the input data to the sheet

Human Medicine Details v2002070928 and v2005051144

  • Modification of the caption of "Product Code" for "GTIN" in the Product List table

Medicine Details v2001080920

  • Addition of qualifying elements: Doping product, Excipient (wording, dosage, unit), name of the virtual drug
  • Addition of the terms corresponding to the codes of the VAT field
  • Reorganization with grouping of all the elements qualifying drugs according to THESORIMED (previously dispersed between Human Medicine Classification and Human Medicine Details) (Non-standard version only on MP4U)

Human Medicine Details v1910161735

  • Variability of labels for global modification to all Apps including this sheet possible (Internal Technical Improvement).

Human Medicine Details v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

Medicine Details V1906141233

  • Internal Technical Improvement

Human Medicine Details v1905141722

  • Creation of the sheet



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