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This sheet is for you if:

  • You want to view the classification of veterinary drugs.

Data sources


Geographic territories

  • NA


  • NA



  • Sales & Marketing Essential subscription

Objects found in the sheet

  • Hierarchical table of classification of veterinary medicinal products

  • description table

  • KPI of the number of veterinary drug products

  • KPI of the number of veterinary drug products selected


  • NA


Current version:

Veterinary Medicine Classification v2011041220

  • Addition of the sentence "/! \ No compliant Data Input /! \" in display condition if the input data is not uploaded.

Old versions:

Veterinary Medicine Classification v2009241442

  • Review of the organization of the sheet according to the version vJJQ5"123> vju07 present in MP4U.

Veterinary Medicine Classification v2009151701

  • Addition of the "Data Input" Warning

Veterinary Medicine Classification v2004271727

  • Module accepted in this version of the standard. No change to report.

Veterinary 123 Classification target"https4oAnk5w_1FJAr2_3tme5123 Classification v1FJAr2_3tme5123

  • Reorganization of the module for harmonization across all classification modules

Vetenary Medicine Classification v1912191436

  • Added link to "Success" site documentation

Vetenary Medicine Classification V1906141233

  • Internal technical improvement

VenaryBHAankes target> v1812060928

  • Creation of the sheet as standard

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