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Understand the hierarchy of the classes of one or more products in your market according to:

This sheet is for you if:

  • You want to know to which class EphMRA AC and / or OMS ATC belongs one or more products.

Data sources

Geographical territories



  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products only.



  • Sales & Marketing Essential subscription

Objects found in the sheet

  • The date of distribution

  • The date of approval for placing on the market (Market Athorization First approval - AMM )

  • EphMRA AC hierarchical classification table (4 classification levels)

  • WHO ATC classification hierarchy table (5 classification levels)

  • description table

  • KPI of the number of products

  • KPI of the number of products selected


  • The 4 EphMRA AC classification levels

  • The 5 levels of classification of the World Health Organization




Current version:


  • Addition of the "Data Input" Warning

Old versions:

Human Medicine Classification v2007081748

  • Changed the size of the grid to the finest.

  • Modification of the location of objects according to the new grid

  • Addition of the technical traceability cartridge of the input data to the sheet

Human Medicine Classification v2004271727

Human Medicine Classification v2002051803

  • Correction of the wording "Product Code" for "GTIN" in the details table

Human Medicine Classification v2001231753

  • Modification of the KPIs to remove the restriction on the “Human Medicines” segment

Human Medicine Classification v1912311446

  • Addition of the percentage of product codes selected for each class.

Classification Human 17

  • Implementation of a hierarchical view of EphMRA AC and OMS ATC classifications (non-standard, visible only in MP4U)

Human Medicine Classification v1911181412

  • Correction of class level selector EphMRA Level Number and OMS Level Number as well as Version EphMRA AC

  • Added link to EphMRA documentation

Human Medicine Classes v1910161051

  • Variability of all labels allowing a global change of label on all Apps including this sheet.

  • Changed the deletion date picker to align with the logic of other date pickers on this sheet.

Human Medicine Classification v1908091455

  • Fix for the link button to the success site

Human Medicine Classes v1802281718

  • Internal Technical Improvement

Medicine Classes v1906141233

  • Creation of the module



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