Name of the module

Trigram : AIC

Version : 2202231633

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Value proposition:

The Advanced Indicators Crossed module helps understand the competition between two universes in a market:

  • Allows to know if these two universes are competitive or not

  • Allows you to analyze your product mix

This module is for you if:

  • You want to know if your products cannibalize each other

  • You want to position yourself in relation to your competition

  • You want to know if you are in the same points of sale as your competition

Sources :

  • Source : PHARMA

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data

  • Corsica

  • DROM COM (Application of the roadmap 2019-Q4 carried out)


  • Limitations may apply depending on market size

  • Applicable to human, veterinary and non-drug products

Statut :


The definition of Universes 1 and 2 requires a definition of similar "Markets" that may be compared.


Definition of "your" market/universe versus definition of the competitive analog market/universe.


  • Customer type


- Traceability cartridge

- Timeline type selection buttons

- Company" selector

- Link to Success article

- Include / Exclude buttons Universe 1

- Selection box Universe 1

- Include / Exclude buttons Universe 2

- Selection container Universe 2

- Venn diagram for comparison of Universes 1 & 2

- Explanatory footer

- Table of indicators.


- ND To

- ND Vol

to come :

- Weight Pharma: Weight in number of pharmacies (Example: NB Pha U1/ Nb Pha U1+U2)

- NSP (Number of Selling Pharmacies) corresponding to the Digital Distribution in number of pharmacies.

- Weight Vol Pharma : Weight in number of pharmacies (Example : sales in Vol Pha U1/ sales in To Pha U1+U2)

- Weight Vol Pharma : Weight in number of pharmacies (Example : sales in Vol Pha U1/ sales in To Pha U1+U2)



Current version

Advanced Indicators Crossed 2202231633

First version of the module.

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