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The contextualized concentration of SARS-CoV 2
The contextualized concentration of SARS-CoV 2
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Contextualized SARS-CoV 2 concentration is the SARS-CoV 2 concentration rebased to the bacteriophage concentration present in the wastewater. The quantification of F-specific RNA bacteriophage genome is also performed by RT-qPCR. These bacteriophages have as host the intestinal bacteria and are representative of the human fecal pollution. Their concentration is stable and allows to take into account the effect of a potential dilution, by rainwater for example.

The contextualized SARS-CoV 2 concentration indicator is expressed in number of genome copies per liter.


In the context of pandemic monitoring, this indicator can be monitored in wastewater. The contextualized concentration makes it possible to estimate the number of individuals carrying the virus in a given geographical area in order to adapt public health policy.

In our reports, SUEZ has defined 6 concentration zones:

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