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Optimize recurring extracts
Optimize recurring extracts

Solutions to save time during regular extraction

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The realization of regular dashboards involves the repetition of certain extractions. Some tools are at your disposal to help you save time.

On Demand Table (Beta version - Phase 2)

Type of use: Cross table of indicators and time frames

Advantages: Hierarchy of dimensions by 'sliding' the column label (ex; display the details of the companies within each segment, or of the segments within of each company)

Limits: Limited number of dimensions and measures

My Data Archive

Type of use:

Advantages: allows you to extract your entire data history

Limits: temporal groupings such as MAT, YTD, QTR, QTD can only be done after the fact on your spreadsheet

Multiple Period Analysis

Type of use:



Tool for managing favorites

Allows you to save and share the configuration of these sheets for recurrent use. (add article link) (add the minimum version number for MPA / MDA)

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