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In this unprecedented collective moment, OpenHealth Company is mobilized to guarantee the continuity of service of its platform The HUB, which has just been chosen by the ANSM for the monitoring of the consumption of city drugs for the next 3 years.

Inspired by our values of Responsibility, Transparency and Solidarity, we are now working alongside our healthcare decision-makers, clients and partners by providing them with our technology, our data and our insights into the evolution of the health situation.

Because a lot of data are currently used to communicate and justify impactful decisions, OpenHealth Company ensures that their use is made with all the necessary traceability.

This weekly barometer aims to provide, over the weeks, visibility on the dynamics of traffic and volume of the main categories in pharmacies in metropolitan France excluding Corsica

Data for Week 13: March 23 to 29, 2020.

Summary of week 13

*In number of dispensations in pharmacies

Source: Openhealth Company : The hub 08/04/2020

1 - Weekly Analysis of Pharmacy Traffic

1.1 Total Traffic Analysis

1.2 Analysis of Non-Prescription Traffic

2 - Weekly unit sales analysis (main markets)

2.1 Total Official (Weekly sales in volume)

2.2 Total Non-Prescription (Weekly sales by volume)

2.3 Selfcare according to AFIPA (Weekly sales in volume)

2.4 Self-medication according to AFIPA (Weekly sales in volume)

2.5 Self-medication according to AFIPA main segments (Weekly sales in volume)

2.6 Food supplements according to AFIPA (Weekly sales in volume)

2.7 Food supplements according to AFIPA main segments (Weekly sales in volume)

2.8 Medical devices according to AFIPA (weekly sales by volume)

2.9 Medical devices according to AFIPA main segments (Weekly sales in volume)

2.10 Oral Hygiene (Weekly sales by volume)

2.11 Hygiene Cosmetology (weekly sales by volume)

2.12 Veterinary (Weekly sales by volume)

3 - Sources and Methodology

OHC collects and processes daily 100% of the sales receipts of 11.700 pharmacies (Selfcare, dermocosmetics, prescription, veterinary, etc.)

- The OHC panel is representative of the national universe in terms of global turnover, location, VAT structure

- The OHC sell-out data (national and territorial) is based on a unique panel

- A panel that is particularly representative of large self-care pharmacies:

_ Taking into account several criteria including overall turnover, geographical area, location

The multi-stratified model is a multidimensional model of the pharmacy universe. There are as many aspects of dimensions as there are stratification criteria

The panel has been reinforced on pharmacies of more than 5M€. (68% of panel coverage on this group of pharmacies)

Product scope: All products dispensed in city pharmacies

Geographic scope: Metropolitan France excluding Corsica

Temporal scope: weeks S 1 to S 13 2019 and 2020

Temporal granularity: weekly

Definition of a week: from Monday at 00:00 to Sunday at 23:59

Definition of a weekly comparison: evolution between a week of the year 2020 with the same week number of the year 2019

Indicator: Sales volumes in consumer units (boxes)

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