New treatments

Initiation and resumption of treatment

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A new treatment corresponds to the initiation of treatment or to the taking of a treatment following an interruption.

This is a new treatment when the patient has never received the treatment in question on all of the history available in the database (wash-out *) or within a period (drop-out *) considered too long to be a renewal.

This indicator is available:

  • # patients: Distinct number of patients who took a new treatment

  • # units delivered: Number of units delivered (CU) for patients who have taken a new treatment

  • # average per year: Number of new treatments divided by the number of months over the analysis period, multiplied by 12

  • # average per month: Number of new treatments divided by the number of months during the analysis period

* All of the available history is taken into account for the recognition of initiations, and the wash-out period is at least 12 months.
The drop-out period is defined by the user. It corresponds to the time required to confirm the end of treatment.


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