Sectorial Forecast

Estimate your future sector sales

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The Sectorial Forecast sheet is the sheet that allows you to forecast sales volumes and values in your market.
This sheet is based on the Python OpenSource Prophet library made by Facebook. The PyTools 5.1 connector has been integrated into QLIK to achieve this decomposition. The decomposition method used in this library is based on the ARIMA calculation method.
This module is for you if:

  • You want to estimate the evolution of your market in the future

  • You want to know your position in the market for the future

  • You want to have an estimate of your sales to the territory for the coming months

Data source

Geographical territories

  • Metropolitan France data


  • No limitation on the size of the markets

  • Applicable to human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products



Territory Management Advanced

Objects found in the sheet


  • The apprenticeship period must be at least 25 months


Current version:

  • Added converted multi-unit selector


  • Added "Data Input" warning

  • Added "Data Input" warning

  • Internal Technical Improvement

  • Standardization of the placement of "Reload Time" on the SMA standard

v2002051251: First version of the module

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