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My accesses
Create an account for a user from a third party organisation (TPAA)
Create and modify a SUCCESS article
Can I extract the data from the HUB in ".csv" format?
Setting up my homepage
Your level of experience The HUB
Add a market
Import / Export of bulk products
My contracts
Technical requirements
Empty your browser's cache
Reset / change your password The HUB
Setting up new products
I get the message "Invalid token".
Activity journal
I have a "Connection lost" error message
DocuSign, CRM tool in our business process
Optimize recurring extracts
Bad gateway
Estimated sales volume by prescriber
The different user statuses
How do I create, modify or delete a user?
Automatic Product Deactivation (Auto DPR)
Automatic Modifying Modality Assignment (MAM Auto)
Achieve multi-market synchronization
Product Integration (IPR auto)
Perform Multi-Market Allocation Modifications (MAM)
TEMPORARY MAM: How to follow a brand that changes laboratory/brand/label?
Management of weekly comparisons
What is the regularity criterion?
Excel specifications and limitations
How do I set Google Chrome as my default browser?
Create and track a ticket
How to modify your market from your personal OpenHealth space?
Calculation of sales to the sector: what you need to know
How to qualify new products in the HUB?
Can I create differentiated viewing rights at the HUB within my teams?
Seroprevalence: sampling method
The dimension and measure selectors are no longer displayed in the "Multiple Period Analysis" and "My Data Archive" queryers, the extraction of the table in "Market Analysis" is partial
I cannot see the cumulative data for a selection of months defined on my Territory Management application
What is an atypical sale?
What is an LPPR code?
There is a data gap between sell-in and sell-out
Where does the information on prices, volumes, turnover come from?
Where does the "You're not authorized to access on this page" error message come from?
What is the camera for and how do I use it?
What is the maximum age of the HUB data?
The navigation elevator is not visible in the tables
My Territory Management card is not loading and the message "loading" appears
The display of buttons or objects on a sheet is partially cut off or not visible
How to view a term in the HUB?
How do I select products in the HUB by launch date?
How to create, modify and share a bookmark in your Platform ?
What are the best display practices in the HUB
How to create a pivot table in Excel from the HUB?
Sector reallocation, static or dynamic methodology?
Untitled article
How to join the SantéDom Stat observatory?
Why analyze sell-in in volume?
Automatic product reactivation (RPR auto)
Connection assistance: I am getting an error message
Change of Typological Modality (CMT auto)