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A forward-looking consultancy

La Longue Vue was born out of our desire to develop specialised studies on the location of a catchment area, using geomarketing tools whose primary aim is to provide decision support.

We have been developing this activity for 10 years within PHAR-EXCEL, our consulting agency for pharmacists. La Longue Vue was created in 2021 to ensure the growth of this activity.

More than a service offer, a compass and a decision aid

In a complex economic context and a changing environment, pharmacists, laboratories, franchisors and franchisees need a compass as well as a decision-making aid. From this observation, the creation of La Longue Vue appears to be an obvious choice.


its field of activity mainly covers the development, production and distribution of decision-making studies and geomarketing tools coupled with strategic consulting and data exploitation.


Tailored advice

Our forward-looking consultancy stands out for its ability to listen and analyse, enabling tailor-made advice.

We start from the principle that each study is different, each environment is specific and, thus, each answer must be unique.

Our studies respond to a specific problem.

Our ambition is to accompany you in the development of your strategies and in your decision-making, such as the choice of location for your point of sale.

Our goal is to enable the development of your turnover and customer base, by deepening your customer and market knowledge.

Our values



We develop a sincere and respectful relationship with our customers, suppliers and partners.


We are committed to evolving and developing more innovative products.


We are sincere and objective in our advice and recommendations.


We look after the well-being of the company's members by ensuring benevolent management and their rise in competence.


We raise awareness of eco-responsible practices among suppliers and customers.

La Longue Vue is committed to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) process to better respond to environmental, societal and ethical needs that have become essential today.

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