This is the release note for the upcoming UAN standard:

Below is a list of the various fixes being made:

Sales per Channel & Prescriber (Beta version - phase 2) v2011301610

  • Application of the condition of displaying the sub-object (SPCP_SubType_Analysis) to the container including it, with removal of the hashes and the default message.

Sales per Channel & Prescriber (Beta version - phase 2) v2101211733

Internal Technical Improvement

AMO, AMC & RAC v2101261412

  • Display correction on Dimensions, Measures and AMO AMC RAC table.

Human Medicine Details v2101221502 and v2101252135 (UAN)

  • Correction on selectors THE_Market Authorization first approval, THE_Distribution date, THE_Suppression date.

AMO, AMC & RAC v2102041400

  • Reduction of one tile in the size of the module traceability cartridge.

  • Enlargement of the table "AMO, AMC and RAC amount in value (€)

  • Enlarged the "Dimensions" filter by one tile at the top and one tile at the bottom.

  • Reduction of the "Measures" filter by one tile.

AMO, AMC & RAC v2102041418

  • Moved the "Continuous axis" and "Percentages" buttons above the charts influenced by their respective states.

  • Moving the stacked bar graph "Distribution of AMO, AMC and Out-of-pocket expenses

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