Module name

Trigramme: SCP




The module allows you to view your non-extrapolated dispensations with the details of the prescriber:

  • View the dispensations broken down by prescriber on an observatory

  • Visualize the evolution of the relative weight of each category of prescriber in your market

This module is for you if:

  • You are positioned in a prescription market

Data sources

  • Data from pharmacies

Geographic territories

  • Metropolitan France data


  • Limitation on the size of the markets: maximum 1000 products

  • Applicable on human medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products and non-medicinal products with optional medical prescription



Use & Analytics Advanced

Objects found in the sheet

  • Functional cartridge

  • Time buttons

  • 'Product' selector

  • Object 'Volume% per Channel (Table)'

  • Object 'Volume% per Channel (Graph)'

  • 'Channel / Prescriber' selector: Analysis axis applicable to Graph and Table

  • Hierarchical selector: Axis of analysis applicable to the Table


  • Sales volume (VOLUME - Vol)

  • Sales value (TURNOVER - To)

  • Evolution (N Evol Abs)

  • Absolute evolution compared to the adjacent period (N Trend)

  • Market Share (MS)

  • Evolution in delta of Market Share (Market Share Delta - MS Delta)

  • Absolute Evolution of Market Share compared to the adjacent period (Market Share Trend)

Calculation method

The market share volume are calculated on a prescription sales observatory. In order to obtain Sales volume and Value sales , this market share is multiplied by the national extrapolated sales on prescription. Learn more about the calculation.




  • 'Prescriber' and 'Channel' dimensions cannot be crossed

  • The origin of the dispensation is attached to the entire receipt. Also, open access co-purchases can be associated


Current version:

Sales per Channel & Prescriber (Beta version - phase 2) v2011161817

  • Improved display condition of the Warning "/! \ No compliant Data Input /! \" within the traceability cartridge.

Previous versions:

Sales per Channel & Prescriber (Beta version - phase 2) v2010091813

  • Fixed the display of the conditional analysis subtype button

per Channel & Prescriber (Beta version - phase 2) v2010021453

  • Standardized version of the module

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