The new suite of “ Patient Analytics ” modules allows you to create your patient cohorts online and monitor them through key indicators calculated in real time.

Patient Analytics is based on the analysis of patient data collected in pharmacies.

Patient Analytics allows you to create your patient cohorts online by defining your inclusion and exclusion criteria. The Patient Analytics modules analyze the performance of your products in the context of a treatment within a given market.

After a preliminary step of setting up your cohort, you will be able to analyze the demographic aspects of your patient cohort and its dynamics through the various events that characterize a treatment: initiations, treatment re-starts, recurrencies, switches and finally discontinuation of treatment (drop-out).

You will also be able to analyze the treatment adherence of your patients thanks to indicators measuring persistence and compliance.

The Patient Analytics suite will allow you to access key indicators for managing your products (patient profile, average posology, posology dispersion, drop-out, switch).

Patient Analytics is made up by one configuration module and three analytical modules:

Cohort Definition

This first module allows you to define your cohort within your market and to establish the inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to refine the cohort according to your analysis needs

Cohort Qualification

This first analysis module allows you to analyze the profile of your cohort :

· Patient volume and variations during the analyzed period

· Demographic profile and geographic distribution of the patients

· Treatment status: initiations, recurrencies, treatment re-starts, switches and drop-outs.

Treatment Status

This module offers a dynamic visualization of events occurring during the treatment cycle ; initiations, recurrencies, switches and drop-outs within your market.

This module not only allows you to analyze the evolution of patients with respect to your product, but allows you also to position your product with respect to those of your competitors in the context of a treatment.

Treatment Adherence

Treatment Adherence allows for measuring patient adherence to treatments . Within the defined cohort of patients, the module displays three key indicators in particular: the average treatment duration, the average number of days between two recurrencies and the observed posology.

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