Achieve multi-market synchronization

Perform MAM in several markets

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It is possible to achieve inter-market synchronization to link one market to another.

After this synchronization has been carried out, it is possible to make a modification on one market and in another, this with a single operation.

Creating a synchronization

From your personal The HUB space, please go to the " Modify my markets " page (red box below) then click on the " Market synchronization " (green box below).

You will access the "Market synchronization" tab, below:

The entry market corresponds to the market included in the exit market .

So, if you have 4 markets (corresponding to markets 1, 2 and 3 and of which market 4 is made up of the first 3 markets), you will have to choose market 1 in entry market and market 4 into exit market.

In cases where there are inclusions in both directions, it is possible to create two synchronizations, one that goes in the market direction 1 to 2 and another that goes in the direction of market 2 to 1.

When a synchronization is created, you have the possibility to carry out a MAM in two markets in a single command.
Indeed, if a product is present in two of your markets, you can modify them in a single step.

To add a synchronization, click on " Add synchronization ".

A new page is displayed where you can detail your synchronization

When you create a sync, by default The "markets", "segments", "companies", "brands" and "references" fields are linked together.

You can link all additional fields with an exit market qualifying field.

You can then edit your connector by clicking on it (on the synchronization list).

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