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Perform Multi-Market Allocation Modifications (MAM)
Perform Multi-Market Allocation Modifications (MAM)

Achieve synchronization between your markets

Written by Anthony Cabos
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From the OHC portal, it is possible to create Modification of Terms Assignments .
When you have markets with common terms, it is possible to create a connector between these markets.
You will be able to carry out MAM directly in these markets.

Carry out a MAM in several markets:

When carrying out a MAM on a market with a connector, you will have a box automatically checked (ALSO MODIFY YOUR RELATED MARKETS) which allows you to choose to carry out a MAM on several markets or only on the current market.

a synchronization

The creation of a synchronization is necessary for the realization of a multi-market MAM is described in the article Carry out a multi-market synchronization .

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