Trigramme: EPGL




Measure the evolution of the referencing of your products with the detail of the number of points of sale gained / lost

Data sources

Geographical territories

Websites with '.fr' extension


Products sold on online pharmacies



  • Sales & Marketing Essential

Objects found in the sheet

  • DN evolution (in / out)

  • DN details (in / out)

Indicators & measures

  • Website gain

  • Loss of website

Compatible Options

  • Product qualifying fields


Current version:

E-pharmacies Product Earnings & Losses v2009141717

  • Added "Data Input" Warning

Older versions:

Product target> Product target Product target blockers & Losses v2004271727

  • Module accepted on version v2004271727 of the standard, no change compared to version v2004151020 of this module

pharmacies Productank target> -_block> & Losses v2004151020

  • Standardized version of the sheet


History available since 23/08/2019

Button "Analysis on last available date"

Only the type of analysis on the last available date concerning your e-Pharmacies data is possible within this sheet.

The analysis period of the details table corresponds to the last day available in the e-Pharmacies data.

The table therefore displays the delta between this last day and the previous one (In the case below the difference between 05/07/2020 and 05/06/2020)

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