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Technical prerequisites:

In order to reconcile performance, ergonomics and ease of use, and a high level of data security, our solution is based on technologies that comply with the state of the art in terms of web and internet security applications.

This entails certain technical prerequisites on the user side in order to be able to fully benefit from The HUB:

  • Preferably use the Google Chrome browser (Firefox in recourse). Within our new login area The HUB ( ) , Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are incompatible .

  • At the level of your corporate network, an Internet access allowing the use of secure protocols HTTP WebSocket and HTTPS to our site. The secure Websocket protocol requires end-to-end encryption (from your browser to our servers) and there should be no intermediate decryption of this SSL stream.

  • Password : the respect of certain rules concerning the password allowing to secure the access to your personal space, namely:
    - Not to contain all or part of the name of the account of user,
    - Be at least 8 characters long,
    - Contain at least one character from three of the following four categories: > Upper case characters (A to Z)
    > Lower case characters (a to z)
    > Numbers (0 to 9)
    > Non-alphabetic characters (for example:!, $, #,%, /, [, -)
    > Not to be identical to the last 3 words password entered
    > Be changed periodically (at most every 180 days)
    > Modification of the initial password (temporary password assigned when opening the account) during the first connection.

We invite you to make sure that there is no space after your login or your password.

We are at your service to help you make the necessary settings.

You can also give us the contact details of your technical service.

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