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Definition of a product launch
Definition of a product launch

Technical-commercial specification of the 'Definition of a product launch' object

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Launch tracking


The 'Definition of a product launch' object allows the user to vary the calculation of the definition of a new product.

When the cursor is frozen over 18 months, the HUB scans all the GTINs on the market and records the date of the last sale for each product. If the date of the last sale of a GTIN is for example November 18, 2019, the HUB checks whether there have been any sales over the previous 18 months. If no sale is noted, the date of November 18 is considered as the date of the first sale. Conversely, if a sale is noted over the period studied, the product is not new.

The user can vary the study date and reduce it to 6 months or 12 months. This freedom left to the user makes it possible, for example, to minimize the impact of code reuse, which can be frequent in certain markets.


The module ' Growth Analysis 'includes an indicator based on launch dates, fixed at 12 months. The user cannot vary it.


Highlighting what's new using GTIN analysis is a high estimate for what's new for 2 main reasons:

  • The use of new GTIN codes may meet technical or administrative needs (eg: change in regulatory status, minor product modification, change in production mode) which are not new from a point of view commercial

  • Minor changes to a product (capacity, packaging, promotional code, etc.) do not constitute product innovations as such

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The OpenHealth teams are working on an evolution of the Launch Tracking module allowing the user to manually qualify his novelties

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