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What are the best display practices in the HUB
What are the best display practices in the HUB

This article details the best practices to optimize the display of the HUB

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The HUB has been designed to optimize the user experience and allow smooth navigation.
However, there is a set of best practices that we advise you to follow

Good Practice #1
Preferably use the Chrome browser for optimal compatibility.

The use of the following alternative browsers is possible but incompatibilities may occur: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari 10 or higher.

In our new login area The HUB(, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are incompatible.

Good Practice #2
If the HUB display seems too small, or if objects are truncated / not displayed, do not hesitate to change the resolution of your browser.

Good Practice #3
You can enlarge an object at any time by hovering over it and clicking on the enlargement arrow.

Good Practice #4

If a white screen appears after using the magnification arrow, press the escape button.

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